Tears and Fears:

Deep down she kept her fears hidden,

Down, where no one would see them

Neither her fears, nor her tears,

She was lost somewhere.

Where, no one could find her.

Her mind worked on it, and more on it.

Fears were hers. Tears were hers.

She did not know where to keep herself.

Most of the time loneliness engulfed her.

Surrounded by many, but still lonely.

Hidden, deep within her was her broken alone part.

Did anyone see? No no one saw.

She hid that with her bubbling smiles and her crazy being , that she was.

Friends? Maybe she had, but the bustle of life made it doubtful.

She found herself being a new being,

Did she like? No. She didn’t.

She loved being what she was.

But, the layers of the world moulded her into one.

She alone, never knew how her fears and tears rolled off.

That was she.

Love That Happened ❤️

No, she never knew,

If asked she would say no.

Little did she know, a prince would come.

Wait? What? A prince? 😶

Such beliefs kept her mind boggling.

Did prince charming ever exist?

Did he ever look that handsome?

Was he a gentleman?

Well, Cinderella said she found him.

Yes, even snow White said yes.

But what about the girl who grew reading,

And thinking about it all ? ?

He came. Who? Prince!

Not just a prince, her prince.

The eyes that held alot of passion.

She could see right through

Because, it was unique from all the eyes that she ever came across.

The gaze they exchanged, the hands that held together.

Without a doubt, those arms around each other.

The hug that they both shared made the heart grow fonder.

Lips said it all with a kiss.

Did she find her prince? Yes she did. But a real one.

She did forever. ❤️

Oh i wonder!Mother:

Thinking about you, makes me wonder

what have i done that great, to be born to a mother like you

The woman you are,

source of strength, unending grace and beauty.

Those eyes, that bear the caring spark ,

The woman you are, the spark you are

is just you, and only you.

Your effortless sacrifices forever continues, no words to pen down

for your limitless understanding,

Where do you gather from oh mother? From where?

A heart that knows only dedication and love, without fail

A heart that melts easily when you see me in sorrow,

A hand that is always ready to lift me up, when i fall

Ever forgiving heart, from where? oh where?

The smile that you put up, even when your hear is sinking,

All shades of love and compassion ever seen, oh how? How mother?

The scolds, but with all the love and understanding you have.

I wonder what have I done that great to be born to a mother like you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️




Lost in thoughts, she was, nearly lost.

But, lost enough to be found.

She didn’t know what was it like,

Couldn’t explain, neither could talk about it.

Hours and hours she thought

In fact, all day.

Those moments, those lived memories.

Much enough to bring tears of joy.

She missed her home, her family.

Her every emotion was tied with home.

Little to say, so much to feel.

Home, oh home.

None like the home, it’s just the home.

The feeling of home cannot be described, it can only be felt.

She thought only if she could switch at times, but that’s just not possible.

Home, after all that’s where her heart is. ❤️

Love under the pink tree❤️

Sitting under the tree,

He writes, with a frown on his face,

What was he writing?

Sad story ? Or a happy one? Or just doodling?

Well, he looked at the tree, all the time.

The tree looked alluring.

The pink hues that swept all over the region, looked like a candy world.

Reminded him of his beloved,

And, as he gets on his flash back, he recalls how beautiful she is,

He writes’ I saw her today, she was wearing this amazing pink dress, oh how lovely it looked on her. ‘

Her cheeks flushed with pink blushes,

Her lips as pink as it ought to be,

As he wrote he thought about her, everything. All just her.

It wasn’t that later, that she indeed had come to meet him. That was their world, under the tree. They spent all day there, no one knew about that secret of theirs. They never told anyone about it. All was hidden all was secret.

Their love bloomed each day,

Their heart met each other more.

He showed her what he was writing, it was nothing but just her. He wrote about her just like a poet would write about his beloved.

Her teary eyes, that smile, knew it was him. After all he was the one who was for her.

Days passed by, seasons changed, years passed by, so many changes sprung up, But just one thing remained,

Their Love under the pink tree. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Storm Within:

She wandered through the forest

Wild animals, everywhere.

Flora, the fauna was seen all over as wild as it could be,

The storm blew hard, very hard, not a leaf was left untouched,

It became wilder, as it was reaching it’s peak of power.

Struggling, nearly dead, she ran with her life,

What was she running from? what was it that was making her run?

Was it the wild animals? Or did she see something that ran shivers down her spine?

Or was it the thundering sky, that looked gigantic and monstrous?

She ran, ran, and kept running, her run never was supposed to end, according to her.

What was she running from? What was it that chased her this bad?

Was it the storm or the scary changes in the sky? Or wild animals?

Well it was the storm inside her, that couldn’t put an end to her run.

Indeed. Within.

Life lessons:

Here I am not going to teach about anything or lecture literally about anything.

We all know what life is. But, do we know what is life? Well both may seem the same, but it’s not.

Life is attached to us. Or are we attached to life? What is it actually? Any clue?

Life is a gift we all have. It depends on how we take it as. Does life demand anything? Or does it complain?

Life needs to be lived, to be enjoyed, to be happy and to be just be what it is. It teaches us lessons, it takes us to dark paths, it keeps us clinging to what we think it is to be. That’s the way life works. It doesn’t strive only through happy lanes, it has to swim through broken and dark lanes. It has to pass through all tests and trials. It has to keep moving on.

Life has no full stop. It has no grudges, it has no shame, no fears. It is what it is.

Life being it’s own has it’s own grace and beauty. We all crib on and off when life enters a roller coaster phase, when it droops, or when it’s like a death ride. But, life comes back to where it had started. It’s like a wheel that starts initially with a low speed then becomes faster as the time gets going.

Life being a gift is to be nurtured well, taken care of, more than all this is to love life and to be thankful. That’s all life is.

‘Take life as it comes’

As it comes, yes? Yes. Indeed. As it comes.