Her Eyes

Not a word she spoke,

Her each ounce of breath could be heard,

She wore a very heavy emerald bracelet,

She had colours all over her,

Her hair had a pink band, that had a silver lining,

Purple flower around her half done pony,

Golden dazzling earrings on her, looked awe,

Her bright red lips, knew only smiles,

Oh yes, a million dollar smile!

Her lovely blue jacket with a label , Rockstar

made her look like The Rockstar!

Nothing looked dull, everything on her was over all kind of hues,

Her skirt, looked forever bright on her,

She just was a happy go rainbow sprinkled soul❤

Madame, can I help you cross the road?

Her eyes, said it all.

What a beauty❤

Beautiful you are.

When you are called beautiful. What comes to your mind? Hmmm…

The way you look? The way you carry yourself? A new dress you hugged your body with😋. Maybe a new hairstyle👯 A new lip shade? A lovely hair do? What’s exactly beautiful?

Beautiful is you.

The way you are. Your soul. The smile that you carry. Rest all above tags along. But the real you, that’s Beautiful. ❤

The scar that said more.

You see, there she goes.

A pretty eyed, glowy skinned,

Fair oh fair woman.

Her lips as pink as a rose

Her eyes as beautiful as the deep blue sea.

Just like the sea, her eyes had it’s own mystery.

A red scarf beautifully pinned up along with her hair do.

Her nails done perfectly.

Such a perfectionist, she was.

No one had noticed a scar on her forehead.

A scar, that tells her story.

Why was it hidden? What was she hiding?

Was it a mark that she was worried about?

Was it, that her mark would create a mess in her perfection?

Or was it that she didn’t want it to be noticed?

Her real self was someone else?

Her scar was never seen in the public.

It always was hidden.

The perfectionist wasn’t her.

The scar was her.

That’s she.

The flower girl ❤️❤️

Every morning he waited for her,

Be it how late he was for work,

How confused he was about his life,

He never missed a day to buy the flower.

The white rose he brought from her, looked even more beautiful as he kept them at home.

He did not throw away the dried ones.

Instead he kept all together.

He admired it’s beauty like none other.

He kept the rose where his eyes could reach always.

Everyone looked at him, as he brought those white roses from her.

The ones who saw cooked stories about what might have been happening.

The ones who heard had their own stories to make.

But, he didn’t bother, he was as happy as a child.

No one knew, just a white rose could make him happy? Really.

Just then an old lady appeared and seeing all the gossiping on, she called one of them and she narrated the story.

After the story, they only had respect and love for him.

It was the story about how he had lost his child in an accident along with his wife.

And the flower girl resembled his child. This made the whole crowd cry with all respect.

Thus, she was his Flower girl❤️❤️

The one whom he had lost and found in a different world of his. ❤️😍

Chains of life. Little but more.

We all are chained. Yes. We are. Okay, let us look at it this way. Whatever we think are in chains. Our thoughts🎬 are in chains. We don’t tend to think freely, always our minds are boggled with so many prim and proper thoughts Funny isn’t it? Our thoughts also are caged. We don’t let our thoughts wander. Do we? Even if we do, we have a border line. A borderline to our thoughts? Really? Sadly, yes. We are made to behave, dress, speak accordingly. For? Yes. For the whole world. What we think might just be not what we will ever do. For instance, someone would like to just dance in the middle of the road. What would be the comments? Is he mad? Maybe he is, Maybe he is drunk or maybe and lots of maybes to it. Sad isn’t it. Thus, he or she will eliminate such thoughts from their minds, as people would call them funny, maybe a joker. See, a sorted example for you all. Chaining one’s opinion is another worse case, that happens. Your voicing out can become a thorn. Why? Because, according to the world opinions are just a wash off. They don’t mean anything. They are just words against the given rules or statement. Sad that. We don’t really live according to our thoughts. The most important thing behind would be the judgemental world. Yes, the more high the judgements the less thoughts that get to fly. The frequency of the judgement breaks in with a lot of strength and wilderness. Where, the thoughts are chained more and caged to the infinity. Sad. But that’s what it is. Anyways there will be the phase of judgement and comments. Why not just live the way one wants and let all those chained thoughts free. ❣️❣️


Love is never enough:

I gave you enough love.

Really? You gave her enough love?

Darling, there isn’t ‘enough ‘ when you love.

You measure love? Maybe you think she doesn’t deserve it all.

Or maybe you think you shouldn’t have met her.

Or maybe you just think you did everything for her, inspite of she being ‘undeserving’ according to you.

You look back and find faults.

Or wait, maybe it’s her fault.

Or maybe it’s the most important part for you to make her realize how unworthy she is.

She has tried, but you say’ you never did put any effort’.

She won’t blame you, she indeed blames herself.

Maybe she could have been better, or been someone else instead of being her.

Or wait………….

Maybe you are right,

You have indeed loved her enough.