The journey of a new bride❤️

“Mumma, when I am ready for marriage, I want to wear white gown “😍 said the little girl. She was small, naughty and was always all over the place. Everytime she was scolded by her mum. Don’t do this, don’t go there, stop being so naughty, be a good girl.

Nothing did stop that soul. She was even more naughty and was always up to some mischief. There! What can be done? 😲 All said she’s so naughty, doesn’t listen to anything or anyone how will she be a’ good girl’ when she grows up? These questions kept flowing out. She grew up, oh yes, relatives, people kept saying the same. This time it wasn’t about her naughtiness. This time it was about her lifestyle, the human she was. Her mother heard much from them. Dad warned her. Brother mocked at her. She wasn’t the same like before. She lost her vivacious out there soul. She became scared about everything that came by her. Everything, even animals. Scared of dark, scared of falling down, scared of maths and subjects in school. She even was scared of her teachers. Oh. It was a total scary world for her. She became weak, at heart each day. She sunk within herself. Lost, hated herself for being born. Talks of comparison and keeping her low always never stopped. Everything just was held back. Her love life was never at peace. She loved, and got back heartbreaks and was broken. Broken she was but didn’t give up on love. She wanted to give all her love, but the universe seemed to be very busy with materialistic and plastic feelings all over. With that she broke again. In the meantime, she finished off her academic life, a post graduate now she was. As she was going through each and every bit of this. She had her most heartiest desire of all, that was to wear a white gown for her wedding. She didn’t know whether even if there would be someone to accept the way she was, after all the shame she faced. But, there was the one who had come to her life……………..

Wedding day, ” Mum can you hold my veil once ?my red lipstick looks a bit dry, let me just fix this up” There she was, trying hard to get into the whole wedding gown,pulling her veil with a lot of anxiousness, awe, and curiosity about the whole new life that’s going to start for her. She decided to get going and then, after which her leaving home, became a turning point in her life( Every girl faces it, it’s difficult, cannot be explained). She left her home, family, friends everything for a new life she had found. It was London, all the way from India, now, it was London. A different place, people, food, climate everything. She was excited, anxious, about how would she stay. She strived along. No friends, no neighbours whom she could run to. She was a loquacious being, very chatty very much all over the place. It was difficult for her to not know anyone in the city. She was blessed with a good husband, and a wonderful family. Nights, when alone, as her husband travelled for work at times, she put herself to sleep by tears rolling down, missing her home, family. That’s there.

You know what kept her going throughout? Faith in Jesus. ❤️❤️ That kept her going, whenever she was hurt, troubled, lost she ran to him. Thanked him and often said sorry. Her faith kept her still. None could take that out of her. Everything in her life was faith, is faith and will be. There was a time like a month back where she had to go through a tough immigration process. The settlement visa. Money was paid for the process, she had to go back to India, without her husband, as he had just joined his work. Not knowing what to do, about how things would take place, she just had faith. Ten days was the time she had assumed. But it started prolonging. Each day the tension would grow. She,being a very faith deep person, found herself in losing the stability of the strength of it. She cried, prayed nothing worked. She got angry and then decided to just let go. She felt something inside telling her, it’s the testing time. Thus one fine day as she regained all her faith. She went back to church prayed, asked God forgiveness and as she was returning home, she heard the good surprising news. She and her husband wanted to celebrate Christmas together, as it was their First Christmas after marriage. And, voila! The Lord did it! He made things happen. She was more than happy to join her husband, and her thanking the lord never ended. She learnt how faith had always held her back. How it always had pushed her for good and held her back for best. Thus she began to have more Faith than ever. ❤️❤️The Lord does things at the right time and he does it in a big way, that’s what she learnt.