My long Bob. ( Story )

Hello my loves,

I have forever been into long hair. Ever since my hair has grown longer I have never been able to make myself do it short. It was different experience this time. My hair has been something that i had always experimented with. First straightened then smoothening, highlights, and then it started curling up back and also changed it’s texture. Feeling bad for it, I changed my hair care routine, I decided to take care of it. Started on with hot hair oil massages and all kinds of masks.

1. One mask I swear by would be banana and cream mask. My lord! The texture is gives, the shine it brings is crazy. All you do is smash bananas and add a bit of thick cream, keep it for some time and then you may shampoo and condition as you all want.

So that’s the mask I swear by.

Next, I tried layers, all kinds of cuts.

Then finally I did this. A long Bob.

I was pretty sceptical about this one. But I guess it’s not that bad. 🤭

That’s all my loves. I don’t know about how it’s gonna suit any if anyone wants to try this out. But, one time experience is a good one.

Much love