Some Diy! ❤️❤️

Well well! Some creativeness on the list! This tissue paper dress is just a quick stuff I had in my head. I just tried some and voila! I guess it came out well. You guys are best to judge❤️❤️

Used: Tissue paper
Paper: Normal drawing sheet
Design, I actually love to draw especially fashion designing has been my hobby since I was in class 7. Thus! And yes the blue square pieces are just a cut out from my favorite nail paint, Sugar! ( The nail polish box) Hence this! Much love❤️❤️❤️

Sugar: Cherry Jane: Review

Hie beauties!
I brought this shade. At first I thought it won’t be a good decision, because I really had never tried , actually I felt it might be a loud stuff on me. But, after I applied I felt the color go with my skin tone.

Sugar: cherry Jane.

1.The color pay off is awesome.

2.It glides evenly on the lips.

3. Matte, it is 😍😍❤️❤️

4. It does not transfer, you can eat your meals happily 😍

5. Perfect for all skin tones ❤️😍


It takes a lot of effort to remove it from your lips, yes girls:( sadly .

But you can use my tip: Just dab some coconut oil, even olive oil on your lips and just remove it with a cotton pad. There you go; moisturized lips too. 😋💋

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The body shop matte lip liquid ( sicily Iris 019)

Hello my sweets, ❤️

Today I am going to review ( The Body Shop matte lip liquid)

There are many shades, as for now, I got my hands on this, and it has been with me since many months now. So I thought to review this for you all. ❤️❤️

Shade- Sicily Iris( 019) Rs650.

So let’s get into the pluses. ❤️

1. The shade is a very plum wine based shade.
2.It’s texture is smooth and easily glides along.

3. It gives you a matte finish as promised. 😍❤️

4. Non transferable. Yayyyy.

5. It’s a very fashionable shade and if you find it dark you can always try my tip. 😍😍

Tip: I mix shades, if I find it too dark I mix it with a light one in order to get my desired shade. 😍

6. It has no chemical involved. So perfect for your lips. ❤️❤️

Minus: Nothing, as such. ( Might be pricey, I got it at a discounted rate.)

So I hope you all liked my review. To know more, follow me. Till then, stay crazy and keep spreading love. Much love.

It’s L’oreal Lip Paint Lacquer❤️

Hello my loves,

This is going to be a liquid lip paint review.

Let’s be honest, liquid lipstick tends to make your lips dry and the crease starts showing up.

But, here this little cutie won’t make it dry.

The product❤️

L’oreal Lip pain Lacquer 😍😍shade( Dracula🤣blood) 110.


1. Amazing color, it has a wine plum shade. It’s matte in texture and gives a very good wear.

2.It’s a long wear product.

3.It’s colors are pretty loud. It gives a bold look feel.

4.It doesn’t make your lips dry.

Cons: 😔

1.Pricey. Well it is😑700 bucks.


got it as a good offer, for less.

But, it’s worth the keep. It’s a good catch.

I hope you pretty women liked this review.

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Till then stay crazy and spread love. ❤️❤️

Bold, and chic look!

Hey my loves!

Today my look post will be about a bold and chic look that i created this morning for all of you pretty women out here😍😍

The products I used.

1. Clinique, ( moisture surge) as always! Something that I can’t get over at all.

2. Primer: Gigi Hadid and faces pro.

3. Kama( Rose mist) 😍

4.Eyeshadow( any pallette can be used) light golden color. Here, I used a normal drugstore pallette.

5. Eyeliner: Maybelline hyper gloss.

6. Lip balm: bodyshop. ( Strawberry)

7. Lipstick: meilin. Love this one! ❤️

Shade( Brandy)

8. The perfume: Clinique 💚

Let’s go step by step ❤️

I first moisturized my face with Clinique moisture surge. I swear by this product. It’s really an awesome one. It doesn’t dry your skin out.

Next step: apply primer, here I used two primers together. Gigi Hadid and faces. They give a good shine and coverage.

Then I go along with my eyeshadow brush. (Light golden) once that’s done, I line it up with eyeliner and khol. (Any you can use here).

Finally, lips: Lip balm, then finishing it with lipstick.

There it is. A bold and chic. Together a look I created.

Last look! Pair it up with your favorite earrings.

You are good to go! Voila!

Hope you liked my look.

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Much love. Till then stay crazy and spreading love. 💚❤️