Diy pillow decor😍😍

Hello my loves! Big New year greetings to all of you. Hope you all had an amazing new year. 😍😘😘

This noon I was bored with my white pillows. So I decided as usual to do something decorative 😍😍

Actually, I went by shopping and saw some amazing pillow decors, but but, I was so much in need to make my own. Thus, I got an idea😍🤯as always.

Voila! I have always been in love with these words. Love, Hope, Faith, Happiness, Believe. So, why not wake up and also sleep along having them in always. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Here it is ❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

That’s all I did to make it more me 😍❤️

For more, follow me. Till then stay crazy and keep spreading love.

Much love,


A tin makeover 🤭✨

Hello my loves, hope you all are doing good with the light and blessings of this amazing festive season. So I had been munching on this amazing snackie! As I finished it🤭 I was wondering if this tiny Tin could be given a good makeover! And voila! I did give it a makeover.

Before. ✨

After ❤️

Thus, I just gave it a fabric paint! Yupppp! All over it.

You can decorate it as you please.

I used a few paint colours and those cute pearl stickers. 😍😍

The other decorative is all about my clay maker. I used those colorful clay to create a projecting image and painted it

Yahooooo! So that’s done !

That’s all my loves

For more, follow me, till then stay crazy and keep spreading love.

Much love,

Nuts. ❤️❤️

Mobile cover? Seriously???

Okay here is a cover done🤔. Any guesses??? 😑😑

Yes my loves, I am back with another Diy oh my Notebook decor❣️❣️

Well, I got this phone cover long back, I liked the cover so much that I was pushed to buy it at a go. And yes, like always, I have a habit of changing then and again😶. So the cover got old and it didn’t have a place to go :(. Thus, today as I am very much happy that I received the @popxofashion note book. I decorated it in a very minimalistic way.

Let’s get into it!

Used: Jus the mobile cover, I cut it into the desired shape and gave it a go.
Used: pattern paper, As my aunty is a die hard person who loves crafting and all she gave it to me. Thus I tried this out.

Hope you guys like it.
Thank you @popxofashion.
Much love.


Some Diy! ❤️❤️

Well well! Some creativeness on the list! This tissue paper dress is just a quick stuff I had in my head. I just tried some and voila! I guess it came out well. You guys are best to judge❤️❤️

Used: Tissue paper
Paper: Normal drawing sheet
Design, I actually love to draw especially fashion designing has been my hobby since I was in class 7. Thus! And yes the blue square pieces are just a cut out from my favorite nail paint, Sugar! ( The nail polish box) Hence this! Much love❤️❤️❤️