The last look. ❤️

“Hurry up” A voice said from behind. It was him, her beloved, she looked at him with utmost curiosity.

He smirked casually and brought her a glass of water with her life saving habits.

Roanna, she had been diagnosed with cancer from the time they dated and now that they are married, Jack never fails to love her more each second, each day, each breath.

He brought her medicines and a white rose as he used to do from the day he courted her. Their courtship duration was mostly her cancer sessions at the hospitals and mostly during the visiting hours they had accordingly as per the rules of the hospital. Roanna, was 19 then, when she became aware of her illness. She was attractive, soul full of energy and she had taken a life decision to be happy, be whatever comes by.

She was romantic at heart, indeed romantic. But, made up her mind to never fall in love. No matter what. She lived with her grandmother, as her parents had abandoned her when she was a child. She grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories, reading about love stories that made her feel even magical than the books had to offer.

She met Jack. He seemed like a very interesting soul to her. Their friendship turned both their worlds upside down. Both had their worlds intertwined with each other. Jack had already fallen in love with her, he knew how difficult it would be for them, as he knew it wouldn’t be a normal couple thing. He proposed her right after her cancer session. She was startled, had no idea how she felt her heart stop, she had fallen for him. She cursed herself for falling in love. She literally cried, she was never this broken. She started to avoid him. He didn’t give up a bit. He kept loving her each day more. She finally told him, “I am dying each day, why do you want to kill yourself along with my death”? He looked into her eyes and replied” I would love to die, along with, each breath that you take”.

And then………..

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