A tin makeover 🤭✨

Hello my loves, hope you all are doing good with the light and blessings of this amazing festive season. So I had been munching on this amazing snackie! As I finished it🤭 I was wondering if this tiny Tin could be given a good makeover! And voila! I did give it a makeover.

Before. ✨

After ❤️

Thus, I just gave it a fabric paint! Yupppp! All over it.

You can decorate it as you please.

I used a few paint colours and those cute pearl stickers. 😍😍

The other decorative is all about my clay maker. I used those colorful clay to create a projecting image and painted it

Yahooooo! So that’s done !

That’s all my loves

For more, follow me, till then stay crazy and keep spreading love.

Much love,

Nuts. ❤️❤️

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