Body polisher and it’s story. ❤️

Hello my loves, Greetings of the Christmas season!! Hope you all are having an amazing time ❤️❤️. I was thinking about writing this down for a long time now. So here it is. The route to your body polish shopping 😍😍❤️✨✨✨!!

Body polishing is one such process, to have the body that all pretty women have been dreaming for! It is a beauty do for the removal of dead cells, and gives the the skin a soft supple and sensuous feeling. A body polisher contains essential oils mixed with sugar, rice and it also is mixed with fruits like strawberries, peaches to give your body the perfect fruity aroma! It’s very much important to relax and pamper your body and give it the required love. You must be having queries about which one to buy or how to make one of your own! yes you heard it right, a body polisher made at home!
1. SOME LITTLE HOME MADE SECRETS: Time for some homely love! Kitchen would be yor bestfriend here. So, here let’s start with a simple mixture containing sugar and olive oil. Take a handful of brown or white sugar and mix it with olive oil, if there is no olive oil then use coconut oil. Mix them well till the sugar dissolves a bit otherwise, it would hurt your pretty skin. Apply them all over your body using a soft loofah and keep massaging them into the skin till it gets pumped up. Then wash off your body and apply a light moisturiser. The other homely ones too have the same procedure. Like honey, lemon, almond oil, strawberries and peaches can be made into a body polisher paste the same way, and they are very good ingredients that contain vitamin C and have moisturizing benefits and leaves the body with a fresh feel!
2. BUYING ONE? HELP! : For the busy women out there, whose time has been occupied to the fullest. No worries, you can always buy! When you are going to buy one, things that are to be kept in mind are:
a) YOUR SKIN TYPE: It is very important to keep this factor in mind. For the ones with dry skin will require body polishers that contain milk and walnut and are much richer and contain cleansing agents along with the granules. Sensitive skin choosing strawberries, peaches would do good. Combination skin would go with any but it would be good if you go for apricots.
b) INGREDIENTS REQUIRED : Another step to be kept in mind would be to follow some ingredients that should be there in the body polisher . The product should contain sea salt, mild antioxidant, sugar and also the granules.
3. USES OF BODY POLISHER: Though it is considered as the best use for the removal of dead cells, it plays many other parts to make the body a beautiful one! The polisher can be used for removing those dark patchy sun tans and remove the patches in order to give your body a perfect glow! The polisher acts as a scrubber removing the dirt and awakening the cells giving it a new life.
4. LIGHTENS DARK ELBOWS AND KNEES: You would never like your elbows and knees to be darkened. Right? Body polisher with it’s magic can avoid the darkening. Take a spoonful of sugar in a little bowl and squeeze half a lime in it and add a spoon of essential oil(olive or coconut or almond). Mix it and apply it on your elbows and knees keep it for around half an hour and rinse off. You can do this evey second day and surely you would get good results.
A body that is polished, beautiful and aromatic would be loved by you and definitely your partner too!

My go to favorite one! Just that it’s a bit dry on the skin. The smell is to die for. 😘😘

Tips: ❤️❤️

Mix a bit of olive oil or coconut oil to ease out the dryness.

For more, keep spreading love and stay crazy.

Much love❤️

Nuts. ❤️

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