My Quotes ❤️

Faith is like a tug of war. How many of us fall prey to doubts, insecurities, over thinking negative aspects? Well! I do. I fall prey mostly when I try to cling on to my faith. Having faith in something, or something that is going to happen is a very nerve cracking zone. Lately, I have been going through this, at a very high level. Normally I have been throughout a doubt, about my faith. But, this time somehow it just slipped 😶😑. It was a very tough phase for me, where I had to question and doubt my faith. Never had I had to face such a situation. ( I will be narrating the entire story soon).

But, here, if faith is pulled tightly and with no doubt it is definitely going to be a win win.

For now just this. Very soon I will be sharing my testimony.

Till then,

Much love.

Nuts ❤️❤️

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