The glassy easy look五五

Hello my loves,

Today I created a look for all those sassy glassy woman out there. Well, some think wearing glasses can be boring oh and also , what about the makeup? Well. Here my loves, I have got for you all a pinky look. It’s alright even if you pretty littles want to add in red.. Okay, without much delay let’s get into the look 歹歹

Products used:

1. Face: Mua foundation I swear by. 歹歹

2. Eyes: Used Technic cosmetics eyeshadow shade light pink.

3. Khol: Tip: Use a nude pencil before you plunge into your favorite kajal. This pops up your eyes歹歹歹歹

4. Mascara: Miss Hippie.

5. Lips: colourpop ( Shade: More better) That’s love歹

That’s all I did to create this Glassy look. By the way, use pink! It amps up your eyes. And there you go, the look done!

Follow me for more. Until then, stay crazy keep spreading love.歹歹

Much love,


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