The flower girl ❤️❤️

Every morning he waited for her,

Be it how late he was for work,

How confused he was about his life,

He never missed a day to buy the flower.

The white rose he brought from her, looked even more beautiful as he kept them at home.

He did not throw away the dried ones.

Instead he kept all together.

He admired it’s beauty like none other.

He kept the rose where his eyes could reach always.

Everyone looked at him, as he brought those white roses from her.

The ones who saw cooked stories about what might have been happening.

The ones who heard had their own stories to make.

But, he didn’t bother, he was as happy as a child.

No one knew, just a white rose could make him happy? Really.

Just then an old lady appeared and seeing all the gossiping on, she called one of them and she narrated the story.

After the story, they only had respect and love for him.

It was the story about how he had lost his child in an accident along with his wife.

And the flower girl resembled his child. This made the whole crowd cry with all respect.

Thus, she was his Flower girl❤️❤️

The one whom he had lost and found in a different world of his. ❤️😍

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