Kiwi look😋

Hello my loves, today my look book has come up with another style. It’s a kiwi look. Yes😋you all heard it right. As I was eating kiwi today, I kind of liked the color and the pricky pricky seeds in it. That combination gave my mind a hit on 🤣so I was just wondering how would it look if these patterns got imprinted on the eyes. So here are the results.

Products used: ❤️

1. Face: Clinique moisture surge😋

2.Compact: Lakme

3.Mascara: Miss Hippie ( L’oreal)

4.Eyes: Technic eyeshadow palette ( green)

5.And also, Inglot green khol. 😍

6.Maybelline hyper eyeliner

7.Lips: Babylips

As you all know how much I am now in love with the Technic cosmetic pallete 😋😍❤️

So that’s all for the look. It’s a fun look. You can create it in less of time and for a fun time.

Follow me for more. Till then, stay crazy and keep spreading love.

Much love


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