How to get off with that jet lag😝

Okay, as we all know long duration flights are good and bad in both ways:

Good, as we get to travel more, if one loves traveling.

Bad, just what it does to your whole body and mind.

Jet lag, what normally we refer to is ‘ a mind and body’s condition due to a very long flight. Now, some people may be quite a strong one to hold on to it and just manage to put themselves on the way inspite of the lag. But, some, like me just can’t. This was my second travel from London to India, the last I traveled was from India to London, three months before. As I reached home, I was in a state of dizziness and kind of half dead. 😢Yeah, exactly. So I just hydrated my body with lots of lemonade and water. That gave me a quick fresh. After a while, I just put myself to a good slumber. 🀭😴 After which, I had some food and back to sleep again. 😴😴. Best way to curb lag is good sleep and food. Zoning out from phones and other attracting gadgets will give you a peace of mind and soul too. Keeping yourself hydrated always, helps in curbing the lag at a fast pace. You can add lemonades to your diet routine, it helps more as it’s citrusy and juicy. Taking a hot shower is good for your tired body and mind. It amps up your tiresomeness and gives you a quick boost of energy.

Well, these are the simple and quick ways to put an end to that jet lag that I found.

Quick beauty tip: cut two cucumber slices and just place them on your eyes for a refreshed face. 😝😝or

You can try green tea bags( frozen).

So, that’s all my loves, for more follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and off course WordPress. Till then, stay crazy keep spreading love.

Much love

Nuts. ❀️

PS: That’s my airport selfie. As we all love clicking my girls. 😝❀️😘

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