The icy blue pink look😍✨❤️

Hello my loves, this look is quite a different from all the easy peasy ones. It’s not that tough to create this though, but a few extra products are an add ons.

Oh, and yes…

This is from the drugstore here.

So let’s get into the look😍😍

Products used:

1. Mua Skin Define ( beige) how I love this foundation ❤️❤️

2. Naturally radiant ( 2 in one) moisturizer

3. Eyes: blue, pink shades.(Technic)

4. Eyeliner: Lakme, khol( faces)

5. Mascara: loreal miss Hippie

6. Lipstick: Lakme 9to 5 ( maroon mix)

That’s all my pretty loves, hope you loved the look. Follow me for more, till then stay crazy and spread love.

Much love ❤️



That’s the look video 😍❤️

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