Sugar: Cherry Jane: Review

Hie beauties!
I brought this shade. At first I thought it won’t be a good decision, because I really had never tried , actually I felt it might be a loud stuff on me. But, after I applied I felt the color go with my skin tone.

Sugar: cherry Jane.

1.The color pay off is awesome.

2.It glides evenly on the lips.

3. Matte, it is 😍😍❤️❤️

4. It does not transfer, you can eat your meals happily 😍

5. Perfect for all skin tones ❤️😍


It takes a lot of effort to remove it from your lips, yes girls:( sadly .

But you can use my tip: Just dab some coconut oil, even olive oil on your lips and just remove it with a cotton pad. There you go; moisturized lips too. 😋💋

To know more such reviews, tips and hacks keep following me. Till then, stay crazy and spread love. Love much. ❤️

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