Love is never enough:

I gave you enough love.

Really? You gave her enough love?

Darling, there isn’t ‘enough ‘ when you love.

You measure love? Maybe you think she doesn’t deserve it all.

Or maybe you think you shouldn’t have met her.

Or maybe you just think you did everything for her, inspite of she being ‘undeserving’ according to you.

You look back and find faults.

Or wait, maybe it’s her fault.

Or maybe it’s the most important part for you to make her realize how unworthy she is.

She has tried, but you say’ you never did put any effort’.

She won’t blame you, she indeed blames herself.

Maybe she could have been better, or been someone else instead of being her.

Or wait………….

Maybe you are right,

You have indeed loved her enough.

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