Tears and Fears:

Deep down she kept her fears hidden,

Down, where no one would see them

Neither her fears, nor her tears,

She was lost somewhere.

Where, no one could find her.

Her mind worked on it, and more on it.

Fears were hers. Tears were hers.

She did not know where to keep herself.

Most of the time loneliness engulfed her.

Surrounded by many, but still lonely.

Hidden, deep within her was her broken alone part.

Did anyone see? No no one saw.

She hid that with her bubbling smiles and her crazy being , that she was.

Friends? Maybe she had, but the bustle of life made it doubtful.

She found herself being a new being,

Did she like? No. She didn’t.

She loved being what she was.

But, the layers of the world moulded her into one.

She alone, never knew how her fears and tears rolled off.

That was she.

2 thoughts on “Tears and Fears:

  1. it is deluded to think happiness, smiles, sunshine etc is the only comfort in life.
    Imagine if we were able to chose only the happy moments in life and discard the rest.
    This mindset paves way to a life of suffering. Embrace Happy and Sorrow as same without getting allured. This whole earth is perceived to be medicine may it be a people around you, the last meal you had, even a refreshing walk or any form of physical activity that expresses yourself.


    1. Thank you for your rumination about what life is. Undeniably life has it’s own praiseworthy actions and shortcomings. And, being humans we all need to traverse through the bright and the dark passages. Given, the fact that it is not just euphoria that is to be solemnized even trepidation and the cries require embracing and expressing. Thus it carves the whole universe into an elucidated circle.


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