Love That Happened ❤️

No, she never knew,

If asked she would say no.

Little did she know, a prince would come.

Wait? What? A prince? 😶

Such beliefs kept her mind boggling.

Did prince charming ever exist?

Did he ever look that handsome?

Was he a gentleman?

Well, Cinderella said she found him.

Yes, even snow White said yes.

But what about the girl who grew reading,

And thinking about it all ? ?

He came. Who? Prince!

Not just a prince, her prince.

The eyes that held alot of passion.

She could see right through

Because, it was unique from all the eyes that she ever came across.

The gaze they exchanged, the hands that held together.

Without a doubt, those arms around each other.

The hug that they both shared made the heart grow fonder.

Lips said it all with a kiss.

Did she find her prince? Yes she did. But a real one.

She did forever. ❤️

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