Oh i wonder!Mother:

Thinking about you, makes me wonder

what have i done that great, to be born to a mother like you

The woman you are,

source of strength, unending grace and beauty.

Those eyes, that bear the caring spark ,

The woman you are, the spark you are

is just you, and only you.

Your effortless sacrifices forever continues, no words to pen down

for your limitless understanding,

Where do you gather from oh mother? From where?

A heart that knows only dedication and love, without fail

A heart that melts easily when you see me in sorrow,

A hand that is always ready to lift me up, when i fall

Ever forgiving heart, from where? oh where?

The smile that you put up, even when your hear is sinking,

All shades of love and compassion ever seen, oh how? How mother?

The scolds, but with all the love and understanding you have.

I wonder what have I done that great to be born to a mother like you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️



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