Life lessons:

Here I am not going to teach about anything or lecture literally about anything.

We all know what life is. But, do we know what is life? Well both may seem the same, but it’s not.

Life is attached to us. Or are we attached to life? What is it actually? Any clue?

Life is a gift we all have. It depends on how we take it as. Does life demand anything? Or does it complain?

Life needs to be lived, to be enjoyed, to be happy and to be just be what it is. It teaches us lessons, it takes us to dark paths, it keeps us clinging to what we think it is to be. That’s the way life works. It doesn’t strive only through happy lanes, it has to swim through broken and dark lanes. It has to pass through all tests and trials. It has to keep moving on.

Life has no full stop. It has no grudges, it has no shame, no fears. It is what it is.

Life being it’s own has it’s own grace and beauty. We all crib on and off when life enters a roller coaster phase, when it droops, or when it’s like a death ride. But, life comes back to where it had started. It’s like a wheel that starts initially with a low speed then becomes faster as the time gets going.

Life being a gift is to be nurtured well, taken care of, more than all this is to love life and to be thankful. That’s all life is.

‘Take life as it comes’

As it comes, yes? Yes. Indeed. As it comes.


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