That boho girl❤️

Hello my pretty world,❤️😍

Today i created a simple boho look. A look that can be done in a very fun way.

So let us just get into the look?

Products used:

1. Avon Foundation❤️❤️❤️

As i mentioned on my other post, i am not that good with the foundation, as it tends to cake my face, and creates a heavy layer. But, this little beauty is very light on the skin, has a very good coverage and also it does not look cakey on the skin.

2. Makeup Revolution Pallet :😍❤️

As you all know how much i love this pallet. The shade that i used was (The revolution, Brave)

3. Gigi Hadid primer:✨

It acts as a shine and it does not allow the makeup to smudge, indeed a good buy.

4. Compact: Lakme❤️

5. Bodyshop lip and cheek tint : This has been with me since three years now, it is like a liquid blush, chemical free- perfect for skin!

6. Clinique blush stick: Quite a creamy texture, the color is peachy pink.💚

7. Bodyshop lip balm: This has been my go to product ever since i got my hands on it.😍😍

Flavour- Strawberry.

8. Lakme eyeconic kajal: Non smudgy and jet black.

9. Lotus lipstick Shade( Pretty plum) ; let me tell you this just a crazy shade. I love this shade like real.❤️🤩

So, I hope you girls loved this look. Follow me for more, till then stay crazy and spread love. Much love ❤️😍

Tip:Also, for that boho updo, which is a need for the complete look, is a side bun, a messy one or you can go for a loose braid. ❤️❤️

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