Life: How can one be happy?

Thank you! We all say, but are we really thankful? Well maybe yes, maybe not.  

I did not really at times get that word ‘Thank You’, i did say thank you. But, sometimes maybe because of the habit i had as i was growing up, or maybe at times i thought it to be thankful. 

If there is someone who taught me to be thankful, then that’s my husband. You learn new things each day. Be it for good, be it for bad, but you do learn . 

He is the one who taught me to be thankful, for whatever one has. We all grumble, we all want things to be done according to our wishes and ideas, if that doesn’t work accordingly we curse, we make it a big issue, we all feel that the world has come to an end. 

We cannot be thankful, at that time. Can we? No, indeed a big No.  But, we can be definitely thankful for what we have, and what we are. 

Thankful to what one has and what one is, is a very great thing, because when one is thankful then happiness slides on smoothly. You really don’t have to have double thoughts, it’s true. 

The first thing, be thankful to yourself and rest will fall in it’s accurate place. 

This little piece of write- up is just about how one can actually be happy, throwing away all the grumbled up thoughts and all kinds of not thankful ones, can make you happy and feel content. 

Then you can ask yourself, Am i happy? 

Your answer then to yourself will be, oh yes, indeed. f061a0cbcddc94f08f4db921a3683a07.jpg



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