Hey! It,s a girl! oh….is it?

They drove all the way, to the hospital, at night. 

Roads were rough, heavy down pour, 

Nothing could be seen, 

Heavy storm everywhere,

Hazy view, a stomach that could not bear the pain, 

A body that was gasping, 

Screams, cries, crunches but tolerates, 

Little did she know that all her pain and cries wasn’t going to help.

The room closed, doctors all at their best track, 

Suddenly, you hear a voice , Hey, it’s a girl. 

OH !!!!!! Is it? 

But, it is a girl, oh…………..

why not a boy? 

She heard everything, probably it was the voice in her dream,

Let’s get rid of her? We can tell her that she was born dead. 

She heard the voice go more louder, 

She prayed oh god, hoping it’s just a dream, 

But, to her dismay, it wasn’t. 

It wasn’t, oh yes……..it wasn’t. 

She did not curse God, oh why would she? Or how would she? 

She was numb, dead and had lost her own reflection. 4e2b18705ebfc5a593635b6675c34cd8

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