The moon:

Has seen sleepless nights,

Has heard cries,

Does it at all say anything?

A lover missing his beloved,

A hungry child who craves for food,

A beggar who begs all day and night,

The stars that stay along with it,

A person who is homesick,

Moonlight becomes beautiful? Yes, when there’s no light at all, the moon shares it’s light.

But, does it do anything about the ones who have been desiring or does it help them?

No it doesn’t.

It can Stare at them for whole night.

But it’s not for it to do anything.

But, oh wow! The moon light how romantic it is? Eh?

It would have been more than beautiful if it could solve each and every one’s desire instead of just shedding it’s light on it.

It’s the shine and beauty it is, that’s all. It’s just helpless. About anything, around it or below it. That’s the moon.

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