As you grow up you realize, 

You learnt much, you made mistakes more

You have them in your brain stored. True? 

Or is it stored in your heart? 

Well such precious moments, are stored in the brain, 

Off course, it can be close to your heart but not within the heart. 

Because then where will all the painful ones go?

Ever thought? 

The painful ones remain and it just takes it’s place there. 

Happy ones can be replaced by more happy ones. 

Do you think painful ones can be replaced? 

Nah. They can’t because each pain is worth the keep. 

Pain demands to be felt, known. 

Such are memories. 

Lost, kept, treasured. 


As  he read this poem by her, he once stopped by and asked himself 

Is she in pain4021d158182? Or is she hiding herself from her? 

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