Colourful candies ❤️💙

There was a little girl, who loved candies,

Each time she went to the shop,

She brought candies.

One fine day, her heart said, Let’s go and find from where do these candies come from? ……

She went, to her surprise she saw a small cottage where there was an old man making candies,

Guess what! ? They were colourful, so vibrant so vivacious.

Red, green, pink, purple, blue, orange……

You name it! All kinds of candies

She was so thrilled,

The old man called her in,

She told him how she loved the candies and how much she wanted to know how it is made.

He laughed and said’ little girl, it’s me who makes them, and sells them for my living.

She said ‘Please take all the money and give me all the candies’.

He was so happy as he heard this.

He gave her all the candies and took all the money she gave him.

Thus, both were happy.

” Happiness doesn’t depend on how big the thing is , it depends on the quality it contains. Life gives us happiness in abundance, it depends on how we take it. “

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