The Heart’s Story:

7941e62e7a37b642855376e14990b194There’s nothing that heart can’t speak
There’s none that the heart can’t say
The heart knows it all.
It all! There’s some something that is treasured within.
A treasure that none knows
A treasure that none has ever seen.
Oh why? oh why?
Does it consist of pain?
Or is it all about the happy hour that counts after it’s each beat.
Is it blank?
Has it been numbed?
Ever been into a ecstasy?
Oh we know not.
All that it can take it takes,
All that it can bear it bears,
The pain, the happy bits and the numbness.
It counts the blessings as well as the curse.
It doesn’t express or explain.
Sometimes, as a duty, sometimes
self driven.
It’s impulsive, about it’s feelings.
Be it little, be it much, it continues to hold it.
Decisions taken, are sudden and they don’t
linger about.
At times, it turns out to be a wrong one but at times it’s just ‘from the heart ❤️”
Never one knows how it takes to know a heart.
Never one knows what it takes to drive the heart.
Every deep down dark words that are hidden down right away seemingly rises as 🔥 fire once the heart ❤️ speaks out.
It doesn’t need to be always right
It doesn’t need to be always wrong
It just is what it is from it’s own. ❤️

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