Heart to heart it is…….!

It seems like yesterday,
they met.
Their stare towards each other was magical,
She, blushed as she saw him,
The emotions that flowed between them was never ending,
She talks about how her day was.
He says nothing but smiles,
She cooks for him, he just smiles,
She spends all day with him
Time passes by, each moment is dear to her.
She talks to him, he smiles
she reads out to him, he listens
Little did she know he just existed in her dreams
Little did she know he was just a made up character in her mind,
Reality was a curse for her, acceptance wasn’t her forte.
She lived in her bubbles, never wanted an escape,
Her happiness was him,
Her sorrow was him,
She kept him as her world.
If anyone dared to ask, she would just reply saying
‘ It’s a heart to heart love, you really won’t understand’employee-benefit-blog1.

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